Wednesday, August 13, 2008

'Tis I, the road-weary diva

Well, I've returned to the domestic den.

We drove all night from Washington D.C. because we couldn't face night #15 in a hotel bed. Actually, I couldn't face unloading and re-loading the car for 809th time in the last 2 weeks, so fueled on caffeine and sheer selfishness, we made it home in one piece.

It was a great vacation. We did so much. Williamsburg, Mt. Vernon, Manhattan, Long Island, family reunion in Pennsylvania and Washington D.C. was quite an aggressive agenda, but for our road-savvy travelers, we did just fine. Never a peep of discontent from any of them. Remarkable children I have that make me proud every single day.

And now, marathon catch-up time. The kids--including Amy!--start school in 6 days and I have a few straggling school supplies to procure, 6 pairs of shoes, about $700 worth of uniforms and no less than a thousand crayons to buy. There are haircuts, room cleanings, lunchbox fixings and a whole lot of other painful procedures to re-enter academia. Sean is finishing up the family room floor, so I am hoping to put everything else back together soon. I'm tired of fetching toys from the china hutch.
Oh, how I hate this week....

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