Thursday, August 21, 2008

The Blog That Shall Not Be Named

Whew! Mad crazy around these parts.

School finally started after that terrible, brilliant sunshine and frigid 87 degrees blew through. And ¾ of my beautiful babies went to that place away from me.

So yesterday when it was this crazy whirlwind of activity: packing lunches and snacks for three backpacks, breakfasts, clothing, driving, dropping, bottles, Tasha, accompanying A-Dog to her preschool for the first time, I was posed an interesting question: Are you an overwhelmed Mom?

Yes, I am. But I am of a different lot who enjoys that sort of chaos. I thrive on it actually. But there are probably some mothers out there that don’t, and really might feel differently.

I was asked this by a major media outlet that you have no idea how badly I want to drop the name in casual conversation that my blog was even in the same building as this greatness--but I gave my blog oath that I wouldn’t, and if one doesn’t have their blog word, then truly, there is nothing left--but I can and will leave you with the following anonymous email and phone line if you have had an experience of being overwhelmed and over-stressed and you are willing to share.

(312) 421-2713


Because although this may not be my story of motherhood, it could be someone else’s.

(And if that major media outlet is looking for my story like the one I’ve told so many times in my Pulitzer Prize acceptance speech in front of a mirror with a hairbrush, well, you now know where to find me. :) )


JODI said...

The boys look handsome and Amy...well she has never looked so cute all dressed and with shoes on. I wonder if she will convince her teacher that shoes should be an optional accessory. ;-) I mean come on who doesn't think better when they can really wiggle there toes.

Here's to a fabulous school year and straight A report cards.

Tracey said...


(to no shoes, too!)

Carl said...

A blog named Voldemort?

I want to join the no shoes club, too. Sadly, I do live north of the no-shoes-in-winter line.

Marcy Writes - The Glamorous Life said...

I wrote to the e-mail.
They called. 3 times. We chatted. I told them I didn't think I was right for this story (since they wanted extremely dramatic tales) but then I told them they need to do a show on BLOGGERS. Hung up.
They called back twice. We chatted. SOmething in the works.

They asked for your info.
Okay to give?

Tracey said...

Yes, okay to give, although we have chatted several times as well. Definitely something in the works, not sure what yet...keep me posted and I'll do the same.