Sunday, August 17, 2008

The Stormy Week ahead

This weekend isn’t going as I had planned.

In a dizzying frenzy, I attempt Back to School shopping and hurricane shopping simultaneously. As Tropical Storm/Hurricane Fay heads toward the Gulf and the First Day of School churns in our area, preparing for both these storms isn’t easy.

In my shopping typhoon, I may have gotten confused.

I packed their backpacks with extra batteries. Their lunchboxes are filled with canned soup and water for three days. And I may have inadvertently thrown their desks into the pool and covered their textbooks with plywood.

This is challenging all of my skills as a Floridian mother, and I wasn’t ready for a test this early on. These two thunderous events have no business near one another. Seriously, who plans a hurricane to coincide with the first week of school?

Obviously, Mother Nature must have home-schooled.


VB said...

Well said Diva! I needed that laugh, especially today!
We started school here in '03,
and in fall of '04, we quickly learned that when you move to a place that has "catastrophe days" rather than "snow days" incorporated into the school schedule, this is the price you pay for those warm February days.
Remember Charley, Frances, Ivan
and Jeanne?
By the way, welcome home. Missed your wit and wisdom the other week.

Tracey said...

Hey VB! Glad you're still around and hanging in there!