Monday, August 18, 2008

Fay--the Indian Giver

So yesterday when Fay started heading up the pike inching closer and closer to the Gulf coast, I flipped on the news to see if there were any school closing updates.

Lo and behold, our little coastal county was emblazoned across the bottom of the all-news channel as closed on our first day of school on Tuesday.

I cheered. I quickly ran to the boys to tell them the good news. My wise oldest--always the cautious skeptic, "They can't change that, right?"

"Of course not! They can't change it after a public announcement on Bay News 9!! Call all of your friends! Write it in a Sharpie on your calendar! Get a tattoo! WE'RE OFF OF SCHOOL ON TUESDAY!"

*pause party celebrations in abrupt fashion*

They took it back.

Seriously, they rescinded that announcement and said that state officials misspoke at the news conference, and that school officials would decide Monday afternoon what to do.

You can't take something like that back. I had already started my considerable procrastination. I was planning my hurricane menu. I was drawing back the sheets to sleep in.

So we still may in fact be canceled tomorrow (my guess is yes) but I have to pretend like we are still on and pack backpacks whilst throwing all of the patio furniture in the pool.



Anonymous said...

HoneyWell Instant Alert cleared that up ... did you get it!!?? See you Wednesday!

Carl said...

So, did you have to truck them to school?