Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Of course

We had to return to the doctor’s office for M’s foot which doesn’t seem to be healing all that quickly, and I was running late--of course--so I had to park in the garage. Which only cost $1 but I didn’t have any cash--of course--and the thing didn’t take debit cards. No biggie, right? Just scrounge up some change from the counsel. Yeah, um, I had just cleaned that out to clean out the car the day before so there was no coinage.

Plan B--scrounge the bottom of my purse. Okay, that--of course--wasn’t recently cleaned out so there should have been plenty of silver there.

Of course there was.

But it was covered in chocolate.

I had forgotten 3 party favors in there from Sunday, so there was about 16 ounces of chocolate-covered nickels stuck to the bottom. It was gross, and--of course--I had no baby wipes. No napkins. Nothing freaking to wipe 100 cents off with.

The cars started to line up behind me, and at long last I find a Chlorox wipe in the glove box. But--of course--the package lost its resealable sticker on top long ago which keeps the wipes moist, so I dried 2 quarters, 2 dimes, and six nickels with a dry half paper towel that smelled faintly of bleach and hot cocoa.

And that pretty much summed up the entire day. Seriously mildly annoying, but nothing earth-shatteringly tragic. Throw in Groundhog Day toy messes, a letter from the school nurse alerting us to a case of head lice in preschool, and a really shameful display of bad manners by adults who should really know better; and you’ve got this Wednesday.

So I’m going to bed now hoping that tomorrow will be filled with plenty of fresh Handi-wipes, a clean family room, and nicer people.

And a pocketful of nickel-free chocolate. Of course.

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JODI said...

I hope Thursday was better...up here in STL it was like a full moon afternoon. I need a nap.

Wishing for a day of chocolate covered nickels.