Thursday, March 27, 2008

Taurus: You basically suck

So I'm running like my typical crazy self today--packing, cleaning, feeding, getting a column up, making my third trip to the pediatrician's office of the week...when my daily horoscope arrives in my inbox.

Dear Tracey,
Here is your horoscope
for Thursday, March 27:

Play it safe -- avoid risks of any kind. It's not that you're in danger, but taking chances is a sure way to attract the wrong kind of attention from the universe. Things should be more relaxed in a few days.

Um. Yeah, I'm about to get a plane with 4 kids--all of whom have had some sort of ailment recently, and I am nervous enough on a good day, and this is my freaking horoscope??? You have got to be kidding me.


Manic Mom said...

Safe travels my friend. The flu has hit Manic's house.

Tracey said...

so sorry to hear that--I don't wish that on even anonymous posters....get better soon. We are in new York finally. Got the Kids to bed around 3 this morning. Good times...