Sunday, March 23, 2008

Easter 2008

They all lay exhausted on the couch with jelly beans stuck in their hair.

But I don't care, we had a nice Easter weekend. We sort of took it in two days since Sean had to work so much. So yesterday we had out brunch with the Easter Bunny and egg hunt. Gotta tell you- a bit disappointed with this event. It cost a fortune for a plate full of runny scrambled eggs and a cheesy Easter mascot than the Big Bunny himself.

But no matter, we went on a putting green and fought little children for piles of plastic eggs nonetheless.

We found lots of choking hazards in those eggs.

But that's half the fun. Here's my baby and my baby.

And my Amy

And Matty, Amy and Jess

They make me laugh. Happy Easter, all.

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