Thursday, March 20, 2008


Oh. My. God. I have never been so sick in all of my life. EVER.

I wished for death for 12 straight hours as I threw up and up and up.

And you know how misery loves company? Well, good thing, because this was after Amy was sick for 2 days, Matty started barfing along side of me, the Intern is here puking, and the Intern's friend got it, too. Sean was a few hours behind us all, but did manage to join in Pukapalooza '08. Jessie is still sick.

There are saints that walk among us. There are angels on Earth. And then there are Tasha's who outshine them all.

Tasha is our babysitter, but more than that because she pretty much takes care of our family whenever we need her and under whatever crazy circumstances they may be. So I called my Tasha and said, "the entire household +2 guests are throwing up uncontrollably. We need you to drop everything and spend the next 12 hours in this Petri dish taking care of Jessie and then running to the store for Jell-o."

And do you know what, she did.

She saved my life, I tell you, as I literally could not lift my head from the bathroom floor. I love her.

Today, we're all better, but on the slowest pace above sleeping imaginable. I am washing everything in the house and bleaching doorknobs. But I am upright.

Next post I'll tell you about the ER on the eve of Pukapalooza and yet another broken bone on Stevie.

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Natalie said...

I hope you all feel better soon!