Friday, March 21, 2008

Good Friday Wrap Up

How fun is that? Um, big fun. Especially if I get Fast Passes to Aerosmith's Rockin' Roller Coaster and another rockin' mom to ride it with me...

Okay, so I'm coming around here slowly. Have to. Woke up in a mild panic realizing it was Good Friday and I had yet to dye a single egg or buy a jelly bean. So the Tasha comes through, and I get out for a couple of hours to stock up on Bunny supplies. We will spend the rest of the afternoon boiling eggs and boiling sheets to rid ourselves of this bug once and for all. We all seem to be better, but Jessica just can't stop spewing. Poor little thing.

A minor conquest has left a nice spring in my step for this start of spring. I've been working on Trademarking "Suburban Diva" for about 200 years. It has been an application plagued with a thousand different problems, bureaucratic red tape, and applicant's stupidity. (moi). After three and a half years, several hundred dollars later, and more stupidity, I finally got smart and called the TM office. Instead of an automated help line or a paralegal, the actual attorney working my case picks up the phone. I immediately apologize. He assures me it's okay, and I say I just want to find out what I need to do next to get my application to the next point, and he says, "Is this Suburban Diva?"


I apologize again because now I know he's the poor attorney whose had to look at my name and idiocy for a majority of his career. I explain quickly that I'm clueless(like he didn't already know that) and if he could just tell me in plain divaspeak what I need to next, I will do it and send him a fruit basket for his trouble.

"I've been meaning to call you, I just need to clear up one thing.."

A few more minutes of me just explaining what I want, and he saying "Oh, well I can just amend that right now if you give me permission, and we can move forward immediately. I'll email it to you today."

I'm sorry, I didn't hear you don't want to charge me a $1500 retainer and $450/hr to strike 4 words from my application? We can do this over the phone? I don't have to send another fee? I don't need to figure out which form of a 830 page document in which to file, then wait 6 months to hear I've done it wrong then start all over again? Really? Really! REALLY!!

So, after a 7 minute phone call, I am almost a Trademarked entity. And soon all of the fake Suburban Diva's are going to get cease and desist emails.

Wooo Hoooo!!! And thank you Mr. Trademark Attorney! You rock out loud!


Michelle@Life with Three said...
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dcrmom said...

Hi! I'm going to disney too!!! You'll have to find someone else to ride roller coasters with you, though, sorry to be a party pooper. :-) Can't wait to meet up!!

(Sorry for that last comment - didn't sign out of that account.)

Tracey said...

Woo hoo! Good to meet you! Looking forward to Disney--maybe we can do The Teacups instead?

JODI said...

I am whoo hooing your successful persistant on your trade mark venture. Can you hear me, I am whoo hooing you right now from a Holiday Inn Suites in Orlando? A matter of fact I celebrate
"Suburban Diva" with my vodka and cranberry cocktail.

Manic Mom said...

DUDE! I really should have gotten in on that Mom Blog Mixer. Now I am really bummin'.

And I called 'my lawyer' about the trademarkin' thing today--thanks for the advice.

Hope all the pukin' is done--let's catch up next week my diva friend!

Tracey said...

Jodi--did you bring this frigid midwest weather with you to the Sunshine State??? Take it back when you leave, PLEASE! Kidding--whattcha doing in Orlando? Stay a couple of weeks and we could mix it up at our Disney mixer....

MM and SD=TM. Sounds good...