Friday, December 14, 2007


And what would our week be without a trip to the ER?

I can write about it now, but I was terrified for a bit last night, I tell you.

We were getting into bedtime gear, which in our house takes no less than 3 hours by the time everyone has eaten, bathed, homeworked, desserted, procrastinated, watched hockey or equivalent sporting event. So were in the middle of that exercise when Amy started choking on something. I couldn't figure out what, and did my best to extract whatever it was. Although nothing came up, she threw up and kept screaming, "mouth!" So I rushed her to the ER where they did an X-ray and couldn't find anything. They surmised it may have been soap or shampoo. I don't know.

She is okay now, but we are still shaking. These are the times that her speech difficulties are really a handicap.

More than just having me for a mother.

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