Friday, December 21, 2007

TGIF I guess

I am waiting on those pictures from last night's festivities, but she was wonderful as Baby Jesus. Albeit a little big.

I got that column out today, as well as posted a new contest:

And just in time for all of those Christmas parties over the weekend, next week's winner will be that person who sends me a picture of the ugliest Christmas sweater.

Email me at by December 27. And again, my house--and my person--are ineligible.

So feel free to enter and make me laugh at the same time.

I have my last remaining babysitter hours before CHristmas later this afternoon before a party. I have my last couple of errands and then a decision: work out or pedicure? Or should I say thighs or toes?

Dang. Thighs.

I'll wear closed-toed shoes but cuter pants. :)

Merry Christmas.


JODI said...

I hope you chose toes. All the yummies we are all eating says--screw the thighs paint the toes.

Tracey said...

I chose thighs. Maybe tomorrow I'll get in a pedicure after the cookie exchange...

JODI said...

how 'bout a contest for the best gift...I am sure I could remain supreme with my bust of The King LOL

Tracey said...

I saw the picture! I love it! Merry Christmas!