Monday, October 29, 2007

Sweeping up

If you've been playing the home version of the SubDiva game, you know that for the past few weeks, we've been doing 1 of three things: 1) Celebrating something, 2) Going to a doctor, 3)working on a school project. And not that this week will be any different with an eldest son's 12th birthday on Friday, follow-up appointments for the girls and all said projects due concluding with a certain reluctant second grade St. Francis parading grumpily on All Saints Day; but for this gloomy Monday, I will be chained to the clean-up that results from all of said month's activities. And somewhat glad about it, too. So if you need me, I'm in the laundry room or taking trash to the curb.

But before I switch loads, I will leave you with a few pictures.

Jessie, none too pleased with the temperature of her costume.

One of my new all-time favs, a really good big brother.

Stevie's first school dance. Sniff.

The inevitable party at Chuck E. Cheese....


JODI said...

That chicken looks good enough to darn adorable! Tell Amy her funny faces on the video were fantastic!!

Tracey said...

She should have been a ham sandwich after that performance!

Happy Halloween!