Wednesday, January 03, 2007

New Year's Revelations

Things that need to leave this house before they claim any additional victims:

1) The peanut butter pie from New Year's. It is deadly.

2) About 4 inches of my hair and my roots on Friday.

3) That game system the boys bought after Christmas--the little ones succumbed immediately, and now the adults are quickly sinking into its power.

4) Pine needles. In every orifice.

5) The puppy's bladder, kidneys, and colon.

6) The label maker I bought for Sean for Christmas. I am labeling everything as if the shelf with paper towels on it wasn't obvious enough that it had 7 rolls of paper towel on it.

7) About 4 tons of trash.

These items should be replaced immediately with bottled water, a creative and prolific writing streak, the Amazon book order, and a plate of roast beef.

Thank you.


Esther said...

I noticed your reading list for last year (and 2005). I've also read The Alchemist and loved every single page.

May I suggest Looking for Alaska by John Green for this year? It is a great book, and sizewise a lot like The Alchemist, so there is no 'I don't have time to read' excuse... (If you ever use that excuse.. I don't know)

Good Reading!
And best wishes for this year from the other side of the ocean...

Tracey said...

Thanks for the tip--I will definitely check it out!

I only use the excuse for not having time for things like mopping the floor--never for reading a good book!

Happy 2007 to you as well, and pass along any must-reads--I am always looking...