Friday, January 19, 2007

My End of the Week Nonsense in no Particular Order

OKay, I'm trying not to wig out about this photo shoot, but I'm starting to wig out about this photo shoot.


These next two admissions should be entered into the "Cry for Help" file: With all of the car switching around that we've done in the last week, I inadvertantly didn't buckle Amy's car seat in properly upon the last movement. I buckled her into the seat, so when I turned for the first time, her seat fell over with her strapped tightly inside. She screamed for 15 minutes straight even after uprighted, re-secured and soothed. Now everytime we get into the car (it's superglued now, I assure you) she holds onto the car dooor and cries the whole way to our destination. I feel so awful.

Matty was giving little effort to his homework the other night. He was purposely messing it up so he could purposely mess with my head. So I finished his spelling homework for him by writing out his sentences for him.

1. My kids feel like wiggling rather than homework tonight.
2. There is no use talking about it, it won't work.
3. Someone take me out to the middle of the road and shoot me.

(I got 2 in that last one.)

I haven't got a grade back on that one.


At the Vet visit yesterday, they informed me that Jingle doubled her weight in 1 month. This can be explained that upon further investigation, my "Goldador" puppy has some Husky in her. So does that makes her a "Goldadorusky?"

No, it makes her big.

(And to the answer to my question to the vet in all seriousness was, "No, there is no such thing a colon ligation.")

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