Wednesday, January 17, 2007

I'm like a vampire, I don't photograph

I just finished the interview. I am mentally exhausted from being witty and charming on demand for 2 hours. We'll see if I succeeded in a week or so.

There's just one little problem.

They want to send out a photographer "to follow me around photographing me doing everyday things."

I wonder what exactly that will entail? Me eating a blueberry pie by myself from the fridge. Me cleaning up puppy poop. Me singing badly whilst straightening my hair. Me cleaning up marshmallows. (I clean up a lot of marshmallows everyday for some strange reason.) Or me blogging about marshmallows.

Oh, this is going to suck.

1 comment:

Jodi said...

...just be sure to wear those blue jeans, because dispite what you think they make your ass look great ;-)