Wednesday, September 08, 2010

It's been kind of a busy week...

In the past seven days I've put the house on the market, traveled to Nashville where we toured two schools, 17 houses, and the downtown metropolitan area; bought number 14 of that lot, started the school transfer procedures, shown this house twice, continued with bathroom renovations and managed to get everyone to school, baseball, football and cheerleading practices. On time.

To say I'm exhausted would be fair, but I am also excited and overwhelmed.

First, this house.

It sucks to sell a house when the bathroom is still being remodeled and you have the world's hairiest dog and Jesso to cleanup after. I just walk behind them all day with a Clorox wipe and a Swiffer. Not that I have time, but I'm afraid to cook a meal because I don't want the house to smell like some of the ones we toured. Every single routine has been disrupted, and I sort of feel like I'm not really living here because everything that gave this house personality--our personality--is boxed up and sitting in the garage in order to sell it.

I get it, I'm just over it already.

And then there's the new house.

I love it. We love it. We walked in the front door, and even before we saw every room we all announced seperately that this was it. It just felt like home. immediately. It's big and beautiful and I just saw us there. I haven't felt that way in a long time.

But even that wonderful experience is stressballs because now there are offers and counter offers, mortgage shopping and gathering of documents, inspections and appraisals and all of the non-fun stuff that goes along with buying a house. I want to just skip ahead to the picking out paint swatches and eating Chinese food on cardboard boxes waiting for the movers to arrive.

But I guess that's not going to happen until we get through a few more months of Swiffering.

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VB said...

It was nice seeing you and your daughters tonight. (They are so cute!) Going to miss running into you around town. I don't envy you the next couple months with trying to keep the kids' lives as normal as possible and getting everything done, but if anyone can handle it, it is you! Soon you will be settled into your new place and all of this will be a distant memory.I know this because I went through the same sort of thing with five kids when we moved here seven years ago. Hang in there!