Monday, September 20, 2010

For you, Intern

Danny warned me that since I hardly ever update anymore, I might be losing readers. Well, here you go, Intern. An update and countdown to our move.

We went to Nashville this weekend for a quick visit to check out Stevie's future hockey team as well as our new house. We put in an offer on a house that we spent a whopping 18 minutes in the first time around, because that's probably twice as long as we normally would make a life-altering decision. That's just how we roll. So this weekend I got 18 more minutes to check to see if there were blinds on the window and where the bathroom was.

Luckily, my memory was faulty, and I loved it even more now that I knew it is ours. (Almost.)

But there are a couple of things that we do need to change....

I've changed too many babies diapers to let this stand in the girls' room.

And I'd really like a working butler to work in this butler's pantry...

And unless all of the kids decide to go to LSU, these colors in the basement need to go.

But I love my new kitchen.

And upstairs loft which differs from the upstairs playroom complete with its own wetbar and ice maker.

Tomorrow (ish) I'll post pictures of the outside which is just as extreme in its awesomeness.


valerie said...

It is just beautiful!!!!
We are all so happy for you and the entire family.


Anonymous said...

Completely agree with you about the color changes, but you guys are redecorating pros. I know it will all be as perfect as that kitchen very quickly.

The Intern said...


JODI said...

Say it again. Basement. Has a nice sound doesn't it? An architecural feature the Henry kids have had little experience with being Floridians.

Oh does the size of the house mean the Intern is part of the move?

Anonymous said...

Thanks Dan

Bern said...

Now this is what I call SOME elbow room! Love it!!!!!
I can't wait to see it as The Henry's!!!!!!