Monday, September 13, 2010

About that house...

It's big and beautiful, and hopefully, soon to be ours.

We have a contract on this, and right now we're on that torturous stage of inspections, mortgages, appraisals and a host of other non-fun things before we can close and move in. I realize that these things are a necessity, but I hate this part.

This house is much different than the one we're in now. I remember 10 years ago walking into this one and saying, "It'll do." We were in the neighborhood we wanted, and I was so close to giving birth to Matty, and it just felt like anything with a roof would do at that point.

This one was different.

Each of us walked in and before we'd even toured then entire thing, everyone had announced that this was the one. The neighborhood, the location, the just seems to fit us right now.

It's big--but I'm ready to fill it. Besides a big family that deserves some elbow room, I want frequent guests. I want room enough for friends and family around the country to stay with us. I want to do all of the tourist things in Nashville (and there is a lot!) and I want to share that with everyone.

So come and sit a spell on our back porch, and we'll go to the Grand Ole Opry and anything else that city has to offer. It's a new adventure and I want you all to join us.

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