Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Guess where I'm going in February?

Since I’m having so much trouble writing about the present, I will about the future.

Almost two years ago, I attended my first (and only) blogging event. It wasn’t so much of a conference as the trip to Disney World was by invitation, only had fifteen attendees and all expenses were paid.

I wrote about the amazing three days soon after the weekend concluded, but the powerful experience has remained with me since.

Little did I know it then, but those fourteen other women turned out to be a pretty smart, gifted, and talented crew that the blogosphere is blessed to have. They are business women. They are writers. They are wives and mothers. They counsel and entertain. They are friends. But most of all they are a voice. A powerful voice that I am better off hearing. Often.

I’ve kept up with most of them over these years, whether texting my friend Kris, working on some amazing projects with Cooper or even having my blog redesigned by Jo-Lynne. I read their blogs and follow their growing families-- Steph and Ivy, Amy and Teagan Rose, Gabrielle and her soon to be born. I love reading wisdom from Jennifer James and Christine Koh. I have also enjoyed a wonderful relationship with Disney ever since.

The upcoming conference will be different, but also exciting. There will be some powerful speakers--Chris Brogan and Guy Kawaski--among others, and the 130 attendees also will be bringing their families to attend the three day event. Oh yeah, and this was not an all expenses paid trip although we are getting a heck of a deal.

The blogosphere looks different now as well, and in my mind I’m turning around the whole community vs. business aspect of “Mommyblogging.”

What will remain the same is the undeniable Disney magic and meeting some amazing women. Both old friends and new ones.

And learning.

P.S.-- More of those old Disney friends that I wish were going:

Mary Beth
Erin (who may indeed be going!)

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