Tuesday, January 12, 2010

At least we're eating well

As I mentioned in my previous post, I am pretty sure that 2010 is out to kill me, and here we are twelve days in and the death order is still out on my head.

Thanks, New Year. You are kind of a douchebag.

But when I find that the calendar has turned homicidal maniac, I turn to the stove. I wish I turned to writing prolific prose or even a mediocre blog once in a while, but the stove is my Kevlar.

I've been cooking. A lot. Mostly soups and stews and anything that I can fit into my new Le Crueset lime green dutch oven and things that fall into the luscious category, "Comfort Food."

And that's pretty much it.

It's boring, but tasty around here while the dogs get called off.


Troy Holm said...

i really dig your stuff. all of it, but i randomly decided to put my comment on this one. i'm new to the blog scene. friends suckered me into it, and now i really enjoy it, especially when i come across ones like yours. i hope we can talk some time and you could, perhaps, help me with my blog and make me feel less retarded with it. haha. anyway, my name is troy and i'm at: exmypa.blogspot.com . hope you follow me and critique me so we will have more to talk about. thanks.

JODI said...

tell me you made a pot of white chili and I could be persauded to come to Florida to do the dishes