Saturday, July 07, 2007

So. Many. Stories.

In St. Louis, in between the wedding and reception, and watching the boys play poker. The stakes are whoever wins gets to say anything they want to anyone tonight.

I'm doing that anyway.

(We're having a blast, and I will be posting every delicious morsel soon, dear peeps.)


Jodi said...

Since I forgot to mention last night...if you weren't so delightful I could hate you--your body looks fabulous 3 months post Jessica. Who, by the way, is absolutely delicious! Thanks for indulging me with a baby fix--I loved cradling her sleeping self in my arms :-) All the kids are adorable!! Hope Stevie felt better and enjoyed the ball game today.

Tracey said...

Mamt thanks, my friend. It was great seeing you too. We had an awesome time here, and I'm sad to leave. :(

(But that may be later than sooner as Stevie and I were working the new job angle with him last night...)