Saturday, July 14, 2007

"I'm going to control+alt+delete myself"

After so many days on the road, today was all about domesticity.

I stayed up late last night finishing a book, "Water for Elephants," by Sara Gruen--excellent read for those of you interested, and so this morning Jessie let me sleep in because she is a perfect baby. And then we spent the morning piddling around the house changing sheets and lightbulbs, baking brownies and otherwise catching up on those little things I usually put off. It was kind of nice even though it sounds so incredibly mundane. And now you think to yourself, oh my God, she's blogging about changing lightbulbs. God help her. (And me for reading about it.)

And that is a perfect segue to this, courtesy of my friend Zen:

Breaking News: All Online Data Lost After Internet Crash

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Jen said...

LOL, I love the Onion. Always good for laugh. And y'know, as long as you're baking brownies...I have a long run of working 16 days in a row coming up if you'd like to ship some this way.