Monday, July 09, 2007

My fingers are going through blog withdraws...

Sitting here in this St. Louis hotel--which is awful, btw--as the family sleeps in. We've had such a great week, such a fabulous weekend, and now I'm all nostalgic and wistful now that I have had a taste of home these last few days.

The wedding and reception were absolutely beautiful, and it was great to see so many old friends. Yesterday, the boys spent the day at the game, and I went back to the old neighborhood for post-wedding dish with our hosts and to critique my old front lawn. That bitch killed my beautiful hydrangea, btw.

We're slated to leave today, but obviously that remains to be seen as no one seems to be in all of that much of a hurry to leave town. Leave this hotel perhaps, but not this town. But I guess it's time.

More later.


Jen said...

It's always nice to go back to your "home", whether it is or not anymore. I get the same feeling when we head back up to Toronto to see friends and family.

Sorry the hotel sucks.

ver said...

Well, you've done it again. I turn my back for a few weeks and when I return, you're having surgery and buying bathing suits and drinking beer at the beach and taking freakishly long road trips and wearing Bonne Bell lipsmackers.

Diva, I just don't know what to do with you.

Tracey said...

Hey--we were just talking (nicely, of course) about you on our freakishly long road trip. You have a blog audience that spans the country, my friend.