Saturday, October 28, 2006

Miscellany in pictures

1.) I don't know if our "Halloween in Florida" theme complete with "Bone de Soleil" suntan lotion was enough to sway the judges when parked two Hummers down was our favorite ex-rocker in full pirate regalia.

2.) The boys had a good time, though.

3.) Even Amy found a costume since she wouldn't wear the one I brought.

4.) Congratulations to all of you bums who are Cardinal fans. I hate you.

5.) Um, there were several of you that I dined with last night who let me leave the restaurant looking like this:

I realize that after 4 hours of Trick or Treating in a sandy parking lot, 37 pounds of melting candy, veal picatta and a one-handed attempt at lip gloss with a 3 year old in your lap does not lead to my best appearance...But hells bells ladies! I looked like a dirty table cloth. You might have at least thrown a napkin over me or sprayed a little Shout on my neck. Jeesh.


Jodi said...

4). Don't worry yourself when I step foot in the Detroit airport on Friday morning I will be sure to spread a little red Cardinal love around to all you poor Tiger losers. :-* And when my plane takes off on Sunday night I will throw a little more around for good measure.

Jodi said...

3) while I slept I felt Amy speak to me through her comuter displayed image and she said... the hat is great, perfect in every way but, what I really want to be for Halloween is a member of the Sunnay Side Nudist Resort, you all know I don't like to wear clothes!