Friday, October 06, 2006

Brush with fame

Stevie: Mom, do you know who the band, "Cheap Trick" is?

Me:Mind immediately propelled backward to the summer of '93 when they toured with AC/DC and I was selling their trademark black bandanas from a stand next to the stage to the melody of I want you to want me...

Yeah, I've heard of them.

Stevie: Well, I got the lead singer's autograph at lunch today.

Me:Wondering if he performed an impromptu concert over sloppy joes How did you know it was him?

Stevie: He had a sticker name tag on and long hair. He had lunch duty today.

Me:Every teenaged fantasy of black leather pants and whiskey replaced by image of aging rock star in a hair net and Salisbury steak.

I am so freaking old.


Jodi said...

I'm sitting here laughing thinking it must have been some kids old man who is still stuck in his rocker stage screwing with poor Stevie

Karen said...

As the story goes ... the whole lunchroom lined up for an autograph on a napkin! I heard he got a kick out of it!

Tracey said...

No, 'tis true, it really is him. I'm just bummed that my lunch room duty is on Tuesday...Damn.