Friday, September 08, 2006

Remember me?

Today marks my return to the social landscape. For the last few weeks, the only human contact I've had has been with doctor's receptionists, that lady in car line, and the drive thru window guy at McDonald's. But tonight, barring any rogue bout of vertigo, I am actually going to attend our monthly Bunko game.

Please hold your applause until the end.

The real impressive feat will be Dinner Club tomorrow. It has been on a year-long hiatus, and tomorrow night marks its return. Here. With me cooking.

Since I am going to be unwittingly and tragically sober for the event, I have the time and brain cells to dedicate to the actual meal. If things go according to plan--which will also be an impressive feat since the boys are at WWE tonight (the bane of my existence these days) and Sean has a celebrity fishing tournament tomorrow so he can't peel the potatoes--then I will be serving up a most delicious feast. Just to send your tongue a-wagging this early morn, here is the menu:


~Bleu cheese dip
~Red caviar dip served with crudite


~Red romaine with spiced nuts and a raspberry vinaigrette


~Green beans with roasted shallots
~Whipped sweet potatoes with brown sugar and pecans
~Homemade applesauce
~Stuffed pork loin with tarragon dressing


~Authentic Flan (I've been craving this like crazy)
~Cappucino Chocolate Cake

Maybe the guests will be so drunk they won't notice if it sucks.

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