Friday, July 14, 2006

Star Gazing

Upon Ver's suggestion--one whom I trust because we seem to frequent the same pages often--I picked up Maps for Lost Lovers, by Nadeem Aslam, because she said it was "rich like heavy cream," and I have a well-documented penchant for the rich and creamy.

Anyway, I am reading, or rather lapping my bowl full of beauty, and this one leaps out at me as something of note:

He watches as a shooting star traverses the night sky...According to Islam, when something important--favorable or disastrous--is about to happen in the world, and Allah is arranging the final important details with the angels, Satan moves closer to the sky to eavesdrop: shooting stars are flaming rocks that are thrown at him to drive him away; and they therefore should be read as the imminence of a momentous occasion.

I think I'm going stargazing tonight.

(I wonder if it works on a smaller scale?)


ver said...

Do you sympathize with the mother at all? She drove me insane...

Tracey said...

Ooohhh she was crazy! I did want to shake her burka right off her head.

But what a great read--thanks for the suggestion!