Friday, July 07, 2006

Some photos and a serious question

Stevie and Danny: The two most handsome ushers.

The world's most adorable flower girl.

And Matty racing the mascot at the tourists game.

Bonus question: Considering that SubDiva is not really me, but a character I created on a flimsy, yet hilarious reality...if you had to give her a first name, what would it be?


Jodi said...

I am going to suggest "Sade" because its meaning is "honor confers a crown". It's all about the accessories isn't it? Besides SD is to multifaceted to have a simple ordinary name!

Baby Diva looks delicious in her princess attire. Question is, did she actually make it down the runway (aka the aisle)?

Tracey said...

I was thinking along the regal lines too...Baby Diva was delicious in her cotton candy swirl dress. SHe didn't make it down the aisle unescorted or with shoes, but she didn't cry either, so I think it was a victory.

Anonymous said...

Kathy or Kathleen

Anonymous said...

How about "Samantha"...makes one think of that colorful character from Sex in the City!