Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Catching Up

In a rogue change of schedule, the boys are off with their Aunt, Uncle and cousins for a few days in Orlando until we all meet up together this weekend for the family reunion.

It's not like a school day being here with just Amy, because that has a finite end of silence at 3:00 every day. This is the first time that they've been away overnight for more than 2 days without one of us.

So what have I been doing during the time, you ask? (Or don't, but have a few minutes of surfing time to kill.)

~Spending Money. Something I hate to do unless it is something that can be delivered by room service. After nursing the under-sized A/C unit for 6 years, it and we, finally broke down and installed this monster that freezes juice boxes left out on the table overnight.

But when it gets too cold in the house in July, at least I can retire to the lanaii on my new seagrass patio furniture from Pottery Barn...(you are soooo jealous.)

~Going Bulemic on the Kids' Rooms. After their toy binging, I am purging with garbage bags full of broken toys, Happy Meal treasures, broken pieces and a whole lot of mystery plastic.

~Working Out. I think the personal trainer fairy put a gold nameplate on a locker at the gym, so I figure I should try to visit it as often I can. I also have figured out that I can read books on the treadmill, so it makes my time on it a little more palatable.

~Misc. Crafting. You know I have a severe craft handicap, but the things I have made for this reunion will astound you. I bet HGTV has sent out a film crew to document my gift bags for history.

~Writing. Yep, I am still plugging away.

~Bona Fide Employment. I got a job. A real, paying job. A contract no less. Details to follow.

See? So I deserve poolside Mojitos at my all-time favorite hotel tomorrow.

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