Friday, December 17, 2004

When the Cat is Away, the Mouse will Bathe

When you are flying solo in the parenting department for a few evenings, and you get all of your little chickens peacefully sleeping before 9 pm, you are faced with some difficult choices.

Do you: a) Take the opportunity to wrap the huge pile of gifts precariously stacked in the not-so secret hiding place? B) Domestically prepare for the 50+ party guests you are expecting over the weekend? C) Bake a batch of warm gooey cookies that you can lick your own spoon without sharing? Or D) Grab your book, an eggnog and a mud mask and drop your exhausted butt into a tub of sweet-smelling lavender suds that you haven’t opened from last Christmas?

I think you know the answer, folks.

I love egg nog.

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