Thursday, December 30, 2004

What Are You Doing New Year's Eve?

In what my friend Kim calls the greatest game of chicken, they faltered first and gave in to host New Year’s Eve.

She invited us reluctantly this morning (the 30th) and I had to laugh, knowing that each of us would wait until the last possible second to make plans for the night, hoping someone else would host.

Sorry, Kim.


ver said...

Hahahahahaha! We're playing that game in my neighborhood, too. Everyone's throwing out these general, "Hey, let's get couple of sitters and put all the kids in one house..." lines, with no one actually biting. As if there will be three or four 20-something babysitting females available that evening...

Tracey said...

I know, ain't it a hoot? I mean, we are social adults quite comfortable at the art of entertaining--but when it coes to this day, it's whoever draws the short straw.