Monday, May 24, 2010

I will take a graduation gown over the hospital kind any day of the week

I spent more time than usual cleaning, shopping and organizing than I normally would on a beautiful May Sunday, but that was to hopefully get a jump on the week ahead, because it's a big one.

We've been joking all school year about the hype and ceremony that is 8th grade graduation around here, but as we now arrive here, I'm softening--or wearing down--a bit.

His kindergarten year also was the first year the school opened, so there is an emotional (and financial) investment that has certainly fostered over the last 10 years. And although we've got three others coming up the pike, I would be fooling myself if I didn't admit that this "graduation" is certainly special, and this year certainly has been a challenging one.

It was only 10 weeks ago that he underwent heart surgery for a cardiac condition we didn't know he had 4 months ago. Since then, not only was he able to make-up all of his work, but he nailed all of his finals, participated in every sport, responsibility, and activity, while continuing as Student Council President. He will also make the honor roll.

Obviously, I'm proud. So very proud. But I also am so grateful for this moment, coming so close not to having it.

And so I will celebrate with him and for him this week.

Congratulations, my sweet boy.


Holly said...

Congrats to Stevie!

Carl said...

Congrats to you all.