Tuesday, February 23, 2010

I remember this, it's called school

This morning was the first in over two weeks that all three school kids made it to school. We've passed around this mysterious fever virus between us, and I think Jingle is the last on the family list to get it.

(The over/under is 11:30 that I'll get a call to pick them up though...)

So J-Bell and I will go about trying to establish a new routine for the remaining months of the school year. She likes the gym again (good for my thighs bad for my excuses) so we'll be spending more mornings there. The writer's block seems to have eased a bit--didn't get into print on Sunday but have actually turned in a few assignments this week and gearing up for more. And avoiding processed foods means more time in the kitchen so it's not like I'm want for things to do.

Which means I've just run out of excuses for potty training.


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Anonymous said...

More time in the Kitchen is good for the Intern...