Friday, February 05, 2010

I need to get gouslashes and a bikini

As God as my witness, I will find something to wear today.

I'm saying that out to generate success. With only a few days to go until our Disney Conference and every single activity possible planned in between, I have exactly 90 minutes today in which to find suitable clothing and supplies for a family of six in that mixed bag of weather possibilities known as Orlando in February. Could be eighty and sunny, could be forty and raining.

Pack accordingly.


Anonymous said...

Okay, taking a nice warm stew to the House o'Mouse is a plan, but could get messy. Dollar Tree has those thin see-thru ponchos in two packs. Buy a dozen packs and layer up if it is cold, or if it rains, it is way cheaper than even one Disney poncho.

JODI said...

I would take either one of those weather dressing options opposed to my--feels like 0* and snowy.