Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Tears of awe

I present to you the mother cliche of motherhood cliches: I am having a tough time getting through Amy's first day of Kindergarten.

I know, I know. You're thinking as you roll your eyes across the mommy blogoverse, Of course you are--you and everyone else with a URL and an offspring are lamenting over babies growing up so fast...yada, yada, dabba dabba do. What makes you so different?

Nothing, really, but while I of course share that nostalgic element that this historic moment dictates, I don't think that's exactly what has me so melancholy today.

After we dropped A-Dog off wearing her new uniform and a smile, Jess and I headed out to try out some things to add to our own new routine. We went to the gym where I read worked out unenthusistically and J played in the playroom with a couple of other younger siblings. Afterward, we headed over to Fresh Market for some caper berries and fresh fruit for the kids' snacks tomorrow because that seemed like a good thing to do. But as we loaded up the bags of over-priced guilt organics the tears began to come in earnest, and I realized maybe it wasn't sadness or nostalgia or anything like that. It was something different, something familar like when the boys were having their first Kindergarten days, but I couldn't quite name it back then.

I can now.

It's awe.

Pure, quiet awe.

Perhaps it's because of her special childhood and all of the unique obstacles she's overcome so beautifully. Maybe it's because we arrived at this place by such a different path that it feels so strange. Maybe it's because she's my little girl. Or it could be that motherhood feels differently as we age. (I really hope not.)

Maybe all or none of those, but that's kind of the cool thing about awe as opposed to just wonder or amazement.

Awe isn't everyday (or then it would be clueless bewilderment) so when you do feel it, no explanation is needed. You simply drop to your knees by the sheer beauty of it, and accept it as is--no conditions.

I'm not going to overanalyze this moment, feel silly or mislabel it. I am in constant awe of these gifts that I'm lucky to unwrap a little more everyday, and if some moments are more transparent than others to appreciate them, so be it.

Those were not sad tears nor joyful ones.

They were awe-inspired.


Kathy said...

Look at how happy she is. It makes me smile.

JODI said...

Awe is a wonderful thing--as is Amy!

Tracey said...

It was a great day--she was so happy.

Anonymous said...


Joanne and Hal said...

brings back some great memories.... enjoy as time will now even go faster...

Bern said...

Amy will awe you more and more each day....they grow up soooo fast as you know from the boys.

Tammy said...

Perfectly said! Awe must have been the emotion I felt this week as Addison went off to high school and Atley marched into his 5th grade classroom. (last year at SHES) Still bringS tears to my eyes. I do think that we appreciate them more as we get older/smarter and realize how quickly it all goes. It is simply awe!

Sandra said...

Where were u last night when I had to write my 8th grader a special note...you are a terrific writer. Enjoy all the moments even the happy tears. There are many many more to come . Isn't life wonderful. Amy looks very happy.