Monday, August 31, 2009

Beef Bourguignon. It's what's for dinner.

Butter Croissants


1 recipe croissant dough(2 3/4 lb), chilled

Special equipment: a ruler, a pastry brush, parchment paper, 2 or 3 garbage bags (unscented), a spray bottle with water

I would add "courtesy of," but when the only ingredient listed for butter croissants is "1 recipe croissant dough," well, I don't think that's very courteous.

But if you do take yet another click on Epicurious, you will find the actual recipe for croissant dough, and then spend the next 18 hours rolling, buttering, folding, chilling and repeating until the angels come down from heaven and share their lunch with you in the form of the perfect pastry.

The croissant project was part of a larger gourmet dinner menu which featured Julia Child's Beef Bourguignon which I have been craving since reading the book, Julie and Julia. So I whipped up the croissants, beef, noodles, farm salad with goat cheese, baked tomatoes with blue cheese, creme brulee and chocolate souffles.

Of course it was absolutely delicious--if not incredibly time-consuming--but it was also healthy.

But wait, you say. How could anything with that much butter, bacon and wine possibly be healthy?

According to my completely unscientific research and biased opinion, I think there is more to heath food than the Acai berry. For quite some time now, I've been craving food that actually tastes like food, and I think that's where the secret lies. The less processing and more cooking, the better. Less factory machinery, and more kitchen stand mixers. Less cardboard and more Calphalon.

Now granted, I don't think there will be many Tuesday nights in between baseball and homework that I'll be able to prepare recipes that call for use of a ruler and the simmering of lardons, but I will be making more of a concentrated effort of the actual cooking of food.

Or die of heart disease and gout trying.


Anonymous said...


I'd definitely suggest you prepare your own scrapple or head cheese. Those could use a nutritional pick-me-up.

Or anything my mother-in-law makes.

Or perhaps just cook my mother-in-law. That would be a definite improvement (although you could probably get the exact same result just boiling a can of Pringles.)

LC said...

One word.....LEFTOVERS!!!!

The Intern that was Very Full said...

One of the Best Meals Ever!... I am craving the French Lemonade