Saturday, March 07, 2009


It seems my light post about Tattoo Barbie has drawn some anger from some folks.


I’m not sure why a humor piece poking fun at a tattoo “machine” (not gun as I’ve been admonished) marketed to five year olds would draw so much ire, but apparently there is a section of the population that believes that the comedic protest of children’s toys mimicking something that’s illegal for minors to get in 38 states to get is really, really offensive to them.


As I stated, (twice in fact) have at whatever you want to do to your consenting adult body, that’s not the issue. But why on earth would a toy manufacturer go in this direction? If a kid wants to put a tattoo on her Barbie, there’s a pack of Sharpie’s in the drawer. We need no additional accessories than that.

So, to conclude from the insightful comments I’ve received:

1) Don’t you worry--this Barbie was never on my shopping list anyway.

2) Hepatitis inoculations are available for types A and B and not C.

3) Thanks for the concern on the elasticity of my buttocks, but I think I’m just fine in that department.

4) All those who looked for offense where there was none might want to refer to number three.



JODI said...

And my Skipper doll that grew and ungrew tits by twisting her arm was perfectly okay when I was eight years old? (I loved her!)

People need to lighten up!

C.G. Barrett said...

Are we allowed to use words like "tits" on the Internet?

ljcully said...

Wow is right! But really, I missed out on that Skipper doll. Now I am really angry!