Friday, March 13, 2009

Friday the 13th, squared

Because this is the second month in a row with a Friday the 13th, my luck is pretty good today. Consider:

1.) I completed the 5th major assignment of the week. Boy, are my synapses tired.

2.) Mint chocolate-chocolate chip ice cream from Coldstone doesn't have meat in it so I can eat it all day.

3.) I almost beat Sean in our marathon online Scrabble fest.

4.) The proof-reader liked the story running on Sunday and NOT because it was a professional challenge.

5.) It may be the 13th, but it's FRIDAY.

Any good luck befall you?


Anonymous said...

hello--i just wanted to thank you for your article in today's st pete times. as a mother of four, too, i could completely relate to your stories and think it is important to put the spotlight on so many people's rude/judgmental behavior! anyways, thanks for explaining that we aren't as backwards as they might take us to be! thanks....andrea

Anonymous said...

I too enjoyed your artical... I am a woking mother of 4 boys, 16-7yo. All the children have the same father that I am still married to! We also get the looks and the comments. My husband often tells people we have six or eight children so 4 dont seem so "BIG"! We do pay for our family our selves and sometimes get the comments on that one too! We make less then 100k and have 4 year university paid for all four boys, a 401K, little debit and lots of love! Whats better then that?

Tracey said...

Thank you both for the wonderful comments--I really appreciate it. Many people don't get us, but I was proud to attempt to try and set the record straight.

Thanks again, and congratulations on all of your blessings!