Friday, February 01, 2008

Weekend o' fun

Okay, I'm trying to rally for a big weekend of marathon and extreme partying.

But I'm just so freakin' tired...

In between 4 hockey practices and games, we've got the big school auction on Saturday night. That means dressing up in grown-up clothes while wielding the checkbook and tying Sean's hands to the chair to prevent him from bidding on the stuff we donated. But I will gladly pay for the honor of hanging out with my friends for an evening. It's been ages.

And then Sunday is, of course, the Super Bowl. Sean is thrilled, the boys are pumped, and the girls will have fun not caring. Eating, drinking, gambling and sports all to excess. What could be better?

I will worry about the caloric ramifications of the celebratory weekend on Monday when I haul myself back on the treadmill. Until then, GO GIANTS!

1 comment:

karen said...

I hear ya girl...add a wedding rehearsal, wedding, and trip to downtown for a blessed workshop! Spending time with friends makes it all worth while!