Friday, February 15, 2008

Crepes. Again.

Yay! It's Friday!

Yay, it's Friday and there's no hockey practice tonight!

Yay it's Friday and there's no hockey practice or games at all this weekend!

I don't know how all of that happened or why, but I am grateful. This is the first and last weekend in a long time that the only things on the agenda are cleaning my closet and working on the novel. Because those two things need to be done!

I've been working on the latter today, and although I've made some progress, I'm also reconsidering even more as far as the story goes. Ugh. After all of this pre-editing, I'll probably burst into tears if a real editor ever looks at this thing and makes a suggestion. Oh well.

So we're off tonight to go eat more crepes. We've had them like 37 times since we tried that new little restaurant. I even made them last night for our Valentine's dinner. I am such a nerd.

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