Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Signed, Sealed, Delivered...I'm Yours

My signature is going to be somewhat shaky, but it will still bear the mark of joy.

With trembling fingers and tears in my eyes, I signed a contract today for the publication of my very first, (all mine!) my name on the cover, my work on all of the pages, paper and print, bound in a glossy cover--actual book.

(Dramatic pause while you all wrap around the magnitude of the announcement.)

Suburban Diva, my precocious pen-name, is going to be publishing some of her past works and a few new ones, in a book soon to be available on Amazon and the like, by Christmas, 2005.

(The crowd gasps, women fan themselves to keep from fainting.)

If I can pull this off--which I have every cell of my being on full creative alert--this will be available for everyone on your holiday gift list.

(Yuletide gratitude is heard over the Internet.)

There are many details to be attended to, but the most significant one, I am going to be published, seems to be the only one I can remember at the moment. There is soon to be a website bearing details and press releases, but for now, you can contact my publisher. (God, how sweet those 2 words are together!)

Author: Tracey Henry.~Me, today on my contract.


Anonymous said...

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Trisha said...


Tracey said...

Thanks, Mrs. Woods. I think Stephy needs a copy or 8 for Christmas...

Trisha said...

Everyone on my list is getting a copy! I am your biggest fan and now everyone I know will be, too! I fact, I think I will make it my selection for Book Club. That is about 10 more copies besides my long Christmas list!

ver said...

This is so spine-tingling, T! I'm so happy for you and your alter ego...

(But what is this about little Amy? Update, please...)