Wednesday, January 26, 2005


I'm sick. The second day of a cold--the worst one because the germs start getting comfortable in your head.

Anyway, the worst symptom of this particular bug is that my eyes are all watery and stingy. But every time my eyes hurt, I'm immediately transported back to 9th grade when Lori and I used to crack each other up with our idiot humor.

One summer night, I was spending the night, and we got to sleep in their RV in their driveway. We microwaved a bunch of popcorn (that was the new rage way back then) and drank Pepsi while we played Trivial Pursuit (another mid-80's rage.)We decided to tape record our game (yet another lame rage) while we spoke in southern accents.

At the time, this was about the most humorous pursuit for two 14 year olds. Then the question: What falls out when you have phala-..phala-...phalacrosis? (Insert corny southern drawl.)

(Pause.)Your eyes, baby. Your eyes.

I guess we were not schooled in our Latin roots in 9th grade yet.

20 years later and I still get raging cases of phalacrosis.

I feel better already.


Anonymous said...

Why, just a moment ago, I developed a scorching outbreak of this vicious disease myself! (If only my boss understood...) Apparently, there's no cure, even after 20 years.

I was instantly transported back to the trailer. I think I smell the popcorn. I hear "Pink Houses". Thank you!

Tracey said...

Who knew, but it is a very contagious disease. I highly recommend a dose of "The Way We Were." It is the only known cure.