Thursday, January 13, 2005

Picture Not-So Perfect

OK, so I’ve accepted the opportunity of book review columnist for the magazine. I know my subject, have read the book I intend to review and I even have the article half-written a month early.

There is just one teensy-weensy little detail that eludes my collective excitement for this project.

We need a headshot in the highest resolution possible.

I’m like a vampire--I don’t photograph. At least not that I care for. I don’t even know how to go about getting this particular photo. Do I go to a department store or drug chain that advertises “passport photos?” Do I go to a studio and spend an obscene amount of money for this narcissistic pursuit? Or do I ask a friend with a digital camera to snap a few when I’m not looking? (Keep in mind that I also probably need this for my current round of syndication submissions for SubD.)

And then if I have an answer for the above, how does one pose for a headshot? Smile? Pensive? Thoughtful? Carefree? Hands-on or hand-free? Or show the misery that I feel posing for pictures?

Just shoot me.

(Get it?)

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