Monday, November 01, 2004

Happy Halloween

It will be a Happy Halloween if... Posted by Hello

Another Halloween epic over. We made it through this ever-elongating holiday with only 17 cavities and one possible case of juvenile diabetes.

Trick-or-Treating went well; Matty made it about 10 houses ( and 0 houses with the Hulk mask) before declaring he was done. Amy and Stevie held out for the long haul, but it was too hot for the furry, adorable lady bug costume, so she was Minnie Mouse for the night. Stevie’s Marshall Faulk costume only ended up costing around $700, so I guess we made out OK.

I did out-do myself on the pumpkins, though. In addition to this little gem, I also carved a fabulous Lightning jack-o-lantern complete with a puck coming from it’s mouth. I’m thinking of changing careers.

But perhaps my crowning Halloween moment (pun intended) was my costume, created at the last possible moment before the party. I was Miss Florida 2004. I attached shingles, plywood and trash to my dress and stuck branches in my hurricane-blown hair. It was a little funny. Sean’s tourist costume was a hit, too, with the exception of the red face paint he used for the sunburned effect which has stained every piece of fabric in our home a flamingo pink….

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