Tuesday, November 02, 2004

Election Day

We arrived at the precinct at about 10 this morning. It was a time I had deemed in my mind as not too early and not too late for the least amount of waiting time.

I was wrong.

But I don’t mind it all, and neither did the several dozen people waiting with me. 40 minutes in line on a beautiful Fall morning is a small price to pay for a day I’ve been waiting 4 years for. I’m not sure if Matty and Amy appreciated my same patriotic patience, but they held up just fine.
So now, we will celebrate Stevie’s 9th birthday while glued to the television set watching the returns.

(Even though mine is 6 months away, I bet you can guess what I’ll be wishing for on that candle.)


ver said...

Hey T...what kind of ballot did you have in Florida? Still with the chads? Ours was one I'd never had before: just had to draw a connecting line between 2 sides of an arrow. Thank goodness for me, it was totally idiot-proof!

Tracey said...

For the 2000 election, we were a chad precinct. In fact, our county was the second highest votes cast for Buchanan.

Since then, we have entered this century and we do the touch screens. Very fancy-schmancy.

Trisha said...

We arrived at 10:40 and waited an hour and twenty minutes. Why wasn't everyone at work?