Saturday, October 23, 2004

Happy Birthday Baby

I guess I’m still in denial. Amy turning one today doesn’t seem possible.

I could use the clichés of the year flying by, they grow so fast, blah blah blah. But truth is, that time seems to have stopped when it comes to her infancy. I don’t know how better to explain it, but I can’t remember our life without her and I can’t picture her at any other age than she is today. And I have no idea why her first birthday is more incomprehensible than it was when the boys were babies. But it is.

At least I can take comfort that others feel this way. When I announce her birthday, people drop their jaw and shake their head as if they are calculating the stalled time as well.

I’d like to credit growing up and appreciating the little things; but I think it’s more due to the fact that I still feel pregnant.

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