Friday, October 08, 2004


In what only can be described as a clandestine alignment of the planets, when the space and time continuum was suspended for a brief hour on a Thursday afternoon, I managed to get all three children photographed.

Yes, 3 children under the age of nine, were free of any visible child-injury (Matty). Three haircuts were actually passable (Stevie). Three outfits were purchased, and better yet, worn (Matty and Amy). An appointment was made and kept for a week, and the car didn’t break down on the way to the Mall.

We escaped KB Toys and the Disney Store, and made it to the photographer with actual minutes to spare. No props or $6 an hour photographers were harmed in the filming of this sequence.

And if that string of miracles wasn’t blessing enough: I have in my possession several pictures of three wide-eyed, tearless, smiling children with nary a chocolate pudding stain in sight.

Suitable for framing, no less.


Trisha said...

Success! Doesn't it feel great?

ver said...

I would sooner stick toothpicks in my eyes than attempt this maneuver. Gads, you are a bold one...

Tracey said...

Yes, it was an adventure to say the least. Thank goodness it is only an annual event.