Tuesday, October 12, 2010

When do the handprints on the walls and juice box stains on the carpet get moved in?

I am standing here in the new house. Standing, because there is no place to sit yet.

It is remarkably empty, and the quiet isn't something I'm used to nor particularly like all that much.

As I spend a few hours here getting things ready like phones, cable and locks changed--I'm trying to get to know the house. There's things that I love--the double oven that looks as though it's never been used, the plantation shutters on every window that I like to open to let in more light, and all of the beautiful trees that frame the backyard.

I still hate the paint colors, but that's an easy fix scheduled for next week, and soon there will be more white noise coming from the televisions and the phone ringing. The kids are going to absolutely love all of the places they can spread out to play--it is party ready.

But the biggest flaw I realize as my footsteps echo around the walls, is that it needs to be filled up with kids. Our kids. We need to complete this move and get up here because this isn't going to be a home until they get here and we're in making new messes together.


the intern said...

and the intern

Tracey said...

That is another definite flaw of this house--too far from Interns...

Kathy said...

And the Dumass Family!