Thursday, October 28, 2010

An unexpected break in the action

I'm not going to lie, yesterday was not my favorite day. But tomorrow may just top it in its craptastickness.

It seems as though Stevie's heart condition--the screaming hydra-Medusa pathway--is back, and surgery is scheduled tomorrow. Three days before the moving truck is scheduled to arrive, we discovered that the WPW has returned and must be dealt with immediately.

It sort of puts things into perspective.

Things are going to get packed that shouldn't. Things are going to be disorganized for a while. I'm going to forget something somewhere, and I'll never get to all of those things on my To Do List.

Oh well.

Somehow things just got a little quieter around here just when it should be crunch time.


JODI said...

Trace, sorry to hear this. The Henry's are taking tops on my morning prayer list.

Anonymous said...

Tell Stevie his CCC family is praying for him.