Thursday, August 12, 2010

About that announcement...

I packed my first box today.

It was small and only contained a few children’s books, but it was the first physical acknowledgement that we will actually be moving soon.

When, exactly, I don’t know.

There is still a lot of life in Tampa to live--a house to prep and sell, semesters for three children to start and complete. And of course, we actually have to a place in Nashville to move into.

But we are excited. And sad. It’s a wonderful place here with wonderful friends and I’ve called it home for the last 10 years. Three of my children were born here. Suburban Diva surfaced. I launched a pretty fun career. I’ve met lifelong friends and learned life lessons. So while the ultimate decision to move was made easy for us by the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity before us, the actual leaving is not going to be.

So one box down, only a couple thousand more to go.

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Joanne and Hal said...

good luck!! You guys will be missed by the whole Tampabay area!! Wishing all of you much happiness in your new home! We keep up with your blog as always!!
Love, Joanne